Some people probably think building a home is one of the most stressful situations they can put themselves in.  Well, if a person hires the right people for the job, it's not stressful at all.  Before you and I signed the contract, you took so much time with me looking at my building site, going through different ideas, watchouts, etc.  It was clear,  you had my best interest at heart from the beginning.  I never felt pressured or rushed to make any decisions and you always explained things in a way that helped me put the puzzle together.  The jobsite had it's potential challenges, but I know I was more concerned than you, as I knew you had a Plan B in mind, if we needed it.  Thank you for always being so calm yet focused.  As we neared the end of the project it was very clear you and Shelly were not leaving one detail behind. 

I'm sure many of your customers look at their finished product with all of the beautiful craftsmanship and design and say "Wow, this turned out so awesome", but the truly amazing part is the quality of this home, the energy efficiency is remarkable, this home is so quiet and solid (and it can be pretty windy out here).  You have quality sub-contractors that care about your customers.  LeMense Quality Homes is exactly that, a quality home with the customers' budget kept in the forefront.  I did not have one surprise expense during this entire process.

Thank you for truly building my dream home on my dream lot and making my building process fun, exciting and a lasting memory.  I'm not surprised that your customers continue to come back to you to build again.


My Husband and I have been recently married and were looking to build our dream home. We had attended several Showcase of Homes. Most of the houses that we looked at were beautiful, but Mark’s homes really stood out above the rest in quality and value for your money. This was very important to us because we needed to stick to a budget.

So we decided to go with Lemense Quality Homes. We picked a house plan from one of Mark’s Showcase Houses. He helped us tweak the design to suit our needs, also making it a Zero Entry House, which was really important to me.

Mark and Shelly were with us every step of the way. We found several lots that we were interested in. They were in a subdivision with a lot of restrictive covenants.  Mark came out to Bonduel to go over the pros and cons of each lot with us. He came back several times to speak with the Developer and Neighborhood Association. He stood by us when there were issues. We won’t go into details on this, but if you want the whole story talk to Mark and Shelly.

Mark, his Dad and son all worked several Saturdays and Sundays with our families to cut trees and clear our lot to keep us on schedule.
Shelly helped by leading me to make the best decisions for our house. She has a great eye for detail. Even when we chose to make upgrades we knew exactly how much that would add to the bottom line. So we could make informed choices.

All of Mark’s subcontractors were very nice to work with. They never minded when our family and friends would stop by to check on the progress.
We are so pleased with how our house turned out. It has been the talk of our small town. We love to show it off to our family and friends.

We came in within our budget. The only overages were the upgrades we chose to make after the building process began.

We want to thank Mark and Shelly for going above and beyond to make our dream house possible.

Bobbie & John Machek

Building our first home was such as amazing experience with Lemense Quality Homes!  Our journey to our beautiful home was enjoyable and the results are stunning. 

We were trying to sell our home for about 2 or so…years.  Every year we attended the Parade of Homes in hopes that our home would sell and we would be able to start to build.  We heard about Mark through some friends of ours and then met him at the Parade a few years back.  Our friends were very impressed with Marks professionalism, quality of work and the fact that he was genuine and now we cannot agree more. 

After meeting Mark several times at the Spring and Fall Parades we really thought he was going to be our builder but it wasn’t until we started to look for land that he set himself apart and we decided we were not even going to bid anyone else out and have Lemense Quality Homes build our house.  In the process of looking for land Mark would go out to any lot that we found (and there were several) and take a look and see if it would work for the home we wanted to build, he met with us numerous times as we modified our home plans; adding, removing and changing so many things along the way.  He was patient, kind, knowledgeable and above all we truly felt he had our best interest and budget in mind.  He even helped guide us on recommendations and ideas for selling our home that we were still in. 

As time went by we finally sold our home in December of 2011.  Mark organized everything and we started to build in January. Now the plans were set and it was time to pick out what we wanted in our new home and this is another reason Lemense Quality homes separate themselves from the other builders in our eyes.  He has Shelly who works with him to coordinate everything and help pick out everything that you need.  She is amazing to work with, her sense of design is impeccable and she has an eye for detail while keeping us on track with our budget which was very important to us.  Since we both work fulltime and have young children this building a home thing could have been extremely stressful but with the help of Mark and Shelly they made it a fun and enjoyable experience. 

In addition we were in our home about 3 weeks ahead of schedule!  Our family and friends ask us “What would you have changed or done differently in your home?” and our response is “honestly, nothing because through the process we were so thorough working together with our builder on everything that we did.”  We have and will continue to recommend Lemense Quality homes to all of our friends and colleagues that are considering building and know that they will be just as excited to build and pleased with working with them as we were.  The best part about building our home is that we have this remarkable home to raise our family in and in the process got to know two amazing people,   Thank you Mark and Shelly!

Jim & Dana LaBlonde

My wife and I took our time planning to build a new home.  We attended four different Brown County Tour of Homes events and got a chance to meet several builders.  From the start, Mark set himself apart from the rest.  He was very easy to talk to, and seemed to genuinely care what we wanted in a home.  His homes stood out with their quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

When we did finally decide on a floor plan, we chose Mark to build our home.  Throughout the process, Mark was right on schedule and kept us up to date on our timelines.  This was very important to us, as we have very hectic schedules.  Mark’s subcontractors were very friendly and always willing to answer questions and explain things to us.  Their attitudes were amazingly good, despite the fact that we built in the winter and sometimes the weather was horrible!

The two biggest worries we always heard people say about building were costs spiraling out of control and jobs not getting done on time.  Mark was done with our home exactly when he said he would be, and other than a few minor upgrades that we chose after getting started, the cost was exactly what Mark said it would be.  I was very impressed with the fact that Mark managed our project as accurately as he did.

Most importantly, Mark is a very personable guy.  He made the building process fun.  He’s very easy to get along with, and very down to earth.  I think the ability to be that easy-going comes from the fact that he is confident in the abilities of everyone involved in the building process. 

From the start, Mark encouraged us to have friends and family stop in and observe the building process.  We had tons of friends and family stop by and all were impressed with the quality of building materials and assembly process.  Since our home has been finished, visitors constantly comment on the quality of our home and the attention to detail. 

Building a new home can be very intimidating. The whole idea of hoping you have the floor plan you’ve always wanted and then transforming something on paper into reality can be scary.   If you want the job done right, contact Mark and go see his work.  You will be glad you did!

Joe and Stephanie
Peshtigo, WI

Mark has been such a great builder to work with. My husband and I looked at over 50 different homes before we found the floor plan we had been looking for and in our price range. Our house is built with quality at an affordable price. Mark is great at following up with his clients and all of his subcontractors were such a pleasure to work with! When we build in the future, Mark will be the builder we will work with. Our first building experience was the best building experience.

Eric and Katie

My wife and I really enjoyed working with LeMense Quality Homes. Prior to building we researched several builders and felt LeMense Quality Homes gave us the best mix of personal service combined with a sound quality product. Mark made us feel comfortable with the building process from beginning to end. The quality of the final product was first rate and the building experience was very enjoyable. I'd have no reservations building with LeMense Quality Homes in the future.

Tom and Kelly

We really enjoyed working with Lemense Quality Homes. This was our first time building, yet we felt comfortable because Mark guided us through each step of the process. Initially, he helped us choose design elements that would add to the value of our home. During the building process he was up front with everything from the timeframe to changes and costs, so there were no surprises at the end. Mark and his subcontractors showed professionalism and had great communication. They were available to us whenever we had questions and made adjustments whenever we requested.

It is clear Mark truly enjoys what he does. He has an easy-going style, yet he’s dedicated to doing the best for his customers. We are extremely happy with the quality of our home and would not hesitate to build with Mark again.


In mid 2005, my wife and I decided to relocate from Appleton,WI back to our hometown of Green Bay. As we considered which area of the community we wanted to live in, we were pretty convinced that we would buy an existing home rather than build a custom home. Frankly the idea of building a home was never something either my wife or I felt would be a pleasurable experience. In our past, we have bought and sold 4 different homes. The idea of building a home seemed like too many headaches and too much work.

After weeks of looking at existing home we came down to this:
- If we found a home we wasn't on the lot we wanted
- If we found a home on the right wasn't the home we wanted

In mid December 2005 we made our decision....we are going to build the house we want on the lot we like...and Mark LeMense is going to be our builder. We had looked at other builders, but felt very comfortable with Mark's style and experience. As I was starting a new job in the area, the job of coordinating this "adventure" fell on my wife.

From the beginning of the project it was always clear that Mark was building Our Home. Sure he would give suggestions...but in the end, we were the customer. Mark and his team of sub contractors were always open / helpful / supportive of our ideas and questions. We picked a house plan from one that Mark had built for the 2005 Parade of Homes. Then we customized it to meet our dreams and expectations.

The home was completed in May of 2006 and met all of our expectations:
- On Time
- On Budget
- On Target

If you're reading this website you're probably wondering if you should choose Mark LeMense as your builder. From the experience of my wife and I....we say go for it, you won't regret the decision.

Jim and Mary

Dear Mark,

When our daughter told us about Mark’s positive reaction when she thanked him for his hard work and dedication during one of her several visits to the construction site, we got to thinking that maybe the construction business is like dentistry, teaching, or counseling. How so? Well, in our lines of work we almost never hear about the good things we do, but we not only hear about the things we could have done better, but we also see many ways we could have done better that nobody else even seems to notice. So, we live in a world rich in constructive criticism, and very rare praise. This letter is our attempt to change that just a little.

Here is only a partial list of the things we really appreciated about working with the Lemense family.

  1. Mark helped us define what we wanted in the beginning even before we had a complete plan.
  2. Mark allowed us to make many changes and kept them all in his head.
  3. Mark let Reed work on a variety of aspects of the project and actually paid him for it!
  4. The project started a week late and finished two weeks early!
  5. Mark caught a number of sub-contractor errors that we would not have noticed until it was too late.
  6. Even when he did not fully agree that a problem existed, Mark was able/willing to work as a go-between to help us get things fixed.
  7. Mark did much of the work themselves with excellent quality results, and savings to us.
  8. They helped us stay close to budget by:
    a) selling us a door below cost,
    b) negotiating so we did not need a culvert,
    c) negotiating with the driveway company to reduce cost overruns, etc.
  9. Mark did not lose his temper when almost anyone else would have.
  10. Both of you kept the project moving by working on weekends.
  11. Mark almost always returned his cell-phone calls within a few minutes.
  12. You guys bought us lunch on at least two occasions.
  13. Mark was always willing to hear and at least understand our concerns.
  14. You both became friends, not just business associates.
  15. You did not present us with an exhaustive list itemizing all of the special touches (stained-glass windows,
    wood moldings in kitchen entries, two-colors, down-spout plumbing, extra concrete work, etc.).
  16. Mark patiently helped us see things more clearly when he knew our ideas were not good ones (e.g. he helped us to see the value of accepting the larger windows in the master bedroom, he made it clear that a concrete patio would be less expensive and better than a deck, he made us feel confident about Jill’s brick arch when we were afraid to do it, he got us a great deal on our BIB insulation for which we will thank him a million times as the winters pass us by, etc.).
  17. But, by far the best thing about working with Mark has been the end result. We designed our house with Mark’s help, and together, we built it. The end result is a home that suits us in so many ways that we are nearly overcome with gratitude.

We have no regrets about working with Lemense Quality Homes, and we will always remember the gentle care you both invested in helping us create our home.

Reed and Jill

Mark is a Quality builder. I've had a number of friends and family, who after seeing my home, complained about some of the workmanship in the homes they've built and comment on the quality of workmanship and materials in mine. I have had complete strangers pull into my driveway and ask to look at the house and ask who my builder was. After about three steps into our house, a friend of ours from Chicago stopped, looked around, and said that our home was "stunning." Mark is also a quality builder because he's easy to work with, always available, and on-site just about every day. If I ever build another home, I'll immediately call Mark to build it.


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